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In Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ one of the characters, Sir Toby, tells his friend ‘Thou hast a magnificent head of hair.’ Of course we all start off like that and hope it lasts. But there again, it’s often a case of “Hair today, gone tomorrow!” Nevertheless, though I have been a headmaster of a local school for over 30 years, I and my family have formed a lasting and deep relationship with Andy and all his staff at Hair Male. Naturally they are brilliant at what they do as well as the way they do it. They are very skilled and a source of excellent advice, their clientele covers the widest spectrum. Andy and his staff are marvellous at dealing with the young ones; they make them relax, comfortable and enjoy having their hair cut. At the same time they are very aware of the current fashions as well as catering for those who want to keep the fashions of yesteryear!

I always remember Andy and the staff when they had the shop next to the cinema and I followed their trade when they moved to their magnificent salon on the High Road. “Hair Male” not only provides extremely skilled hairdressers but a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The salon is spotlessly clean with comfortable chairs, a wide range of reading material, restroom and places to hang your coat, scarf and hat. Children have sweets and now and again the most delicious Cypriot coffee is served. I know that it is frequented by many of the students of this school and others: it is good for a service so prized in our local community to continue for generations yet to come. “Hair Male” is outstanding in every way, not just as a barber shop but as a very refreshing experience. Long may it last!

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE BA (Hons), DPhil (Oxon), FRSA




Hair Male is a true barber shop in both the classical and contemporary sense, a comfortable and very pleasant experience which has been part of our local community for the last 25 years.  Andy the proprietor began his business in 1986 with a little help from the Enterprise Scheme set up by Mrs Thatcher.  Since then Hair Male has moved from strength to strength relocating their premises from beside the Odeon cinema to a truly magnificent shop on Woodford High Road opposite the old St. Mary’s Hall.      

Andy born in Cyprus, is rightly proud of what he and his family have achieved.  They brought proper barbering into Woodford and they enjoy a whole range of customers be it soccer players, actors and other celebrities.  Hair Male also serves the full spectrum of our population from students at local schools such as Wanstead, Woodford, Trinity and elsewhere as well as those gentlemen of a more mature age.  Andy and his family-run business take great pride in providing the highest quality of service. The shop is luxuriously fitted out with air conditioning, bathroom facilities etc.  The barber chairs are luxuriously elegant and very comfortable.  The shop also caters for those who ‘only have to stand and wait’ be it mums with their children or girl friends with their beloveds.  Comfortable seating, special lighting and a wide range of reading material ensure the customers and those who wait for others can quietly relax.

Above all Andy and his staff take the greatest pride in their work which is precisely focused on the wishes of the customer.  The atmosphere is very professional but relaxed and easy going.  The swirl of conversation more fascinating than listening to any radio programme.  Dr Paul Doherty, Headmaster of Trinity, a regular customer, has, due to his career, been in many places, he believes Hair Male is not only the best barber shop he’s ever entered but a truly enjoyable experience!

Dr Paul Doherty, Headmaster of Trinity

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